These pages are an archive of the PIRUS2 project, the predecessor of IRUS-UK, which started in Oct 2009 and successfully completed in Oct 2011.

Project Plan and Progress

Project Plan

PIRUS2 is divided into 6 Workpackages, covering the time periods indicated by shaded areas in the Table below:

Workpackage (WP)
(Lead organization in parentheses)
2009 2010
Oct Nov Dec Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Dec
WP1 Consortium Administration ( Mimas)            
WP2 Project Management (Cranfield)            
WP3 Dissemination and advocacy (COUNTER)            
WP4 Software, standards, protocols (Cranfield)            
WP5 Prototype Service (COUNTER)            
WP6 Evaluation and exit strategy (COUNTER)            

WP4: Software, standards and Protocols

Article Report 1 (AR1)

Apr 2010. We are developing a new COUNTER report for the 'Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and DOI'. It is currently at version 0.4 and available, in MS Excel and XML formats - for comment from interested parties:

Dec 2009. Version 0.3 and available, in MS Excel and XML formats:

Repository software plugins/extensions

Jun 2010. Initial versions of repository software plugins/extensions are available for:

DSpace 1.6.2

DSpace 1.6.0



WP5: Prototype Service

The following publishers have agreed to provide usage data as part of the tests for the prototype central clearing house for article level usage statistics:

The following repositories are participating in tests to provide usage data:

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