IRUS-ANZ is a Jisc service, supported in Australia and New Zealand by CAVAL. It is based on Jisc’s IRUS-UK service, which has been in place in the UK since July 2012.

IRUS-ANZ collects raw usage data for all content downloaded from participating Institutional Repositories (IRs) in Australia and New Zealand, and processes these data into COUNTER-conformant statistics. This provides repositories with comparable, authoritative, standards-based data.

IRUS-ANZ enables participating IRs to share and expose usage statistics based on the COUNTER standard. It can provide a region-wide view of repository usage to benefit organisations, offering opportunities for benchmarking and supporting open access advocacy.

IRUS-ANZ and IRUS-UK are community-driven, their development respond to user needs.

If you are a CAUL or CONZUL repository wishing to participate in IRUS-ANZ, please contact

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