IRUS-ANZ has moved. From January 2022, new monthly statistics will only be added to the IRUS R5 service. This site is archived. All statistics up to December 2021 will remain available on this site.


Overall Summary

These tables provide summaries of data in IRUS-ANZ including: number of participating repositories, number of items downloaded from these repositories since they joined, numbers of downloads (in total, to the end of the previous month, and during the current month) and also the latest date for which data is available in IRUS-ANZ.

Overall Summary

Headlines at a glance as of 3rd Jan 2022
Downloads up to Dec-202123,046,690
Downloads in Jan-2022, so far...43,159
Total Downloads23,089,849

Yearly summaries

Year No. of Repositories Article Downloads Total Downloads
2017 4 135,025 559,619
2018 6 1,118,974 4,463,153
2019 6 1,410,098 5,059,408
2020 8 1,847,490 5,331,505
2021 8 2,904,269 7,633,005
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