IRUS-ANZ has moved. From January 2022, new monthly statistics will only be added to the IRUS R5 service. This site is archived. All statistics up to December 2021 will remain available on this site.

Ingest Summary Statistics

This table provides an analysis of the data ingest process for each participating repository. It shows for each repository: the total number of downloads recorded since they joined (RawDataIn); the number of downloads by applications listed in the COUNTER Code of Practice as Internet robots, crawlers, spiders, etc. ("> (COUNTER Robots); the number of downloads by an additional list of internet robots, crawlers, spiders, etc., used by IRUS-ANZ in addition to the COUNTER list (IRUS-ANZ exclusions); requests to download an item where the mouse is clicked twice within 30 seconds (DoubleClicks); and, a net figure for downloads obtained by subtracting from the raw data the figures for robots and double clicks (FilteredDataOut).

Repository RawDataIn COUNTER Robots IRUS-ANZ Exclusions DoubleClicks FilteredDataOut (Total downloads)
Overall Totals 49,783,913 17,082,185 7,405,758 2,206,121 23,089,849
Australian Catholic University [Research Bank] 925,708 506,587 52,545 47,737 318,839
Monash University [Monash figshare] 1,327,527 515,151 356,783 49,615 405,978
Monash University [Research Portal] 900,634 93,190 145,412 5,817 656,215
University of Melbourne [Minerva Access] 11,767,994 3,071,132 2,474,602 769,180 5,453,080
University of Otago [OUR Archive] 1,246,570 18,128 352,833 120,021 755,588
University of Queensland [UQ eSpace] 20,303,668 9,651,918 1,727,422 452,112 8,472,216
University of Sydney [eScholarship] 7,833,940 503,396 1,848,997 667,899 4,813,648
Victoria University [Research Repository] 5,477,872 2,722,683 447,164 93,740 2,214,285
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