IRUS-ANZ has moved. From January 2022, new monthly statistics will only be added to the IRUS R5 service. This site is archived. All statistics up to December 2021 will remain available on this site.

ORCID iD Summary Statistics

This table shows a summary of the number of ORCID iDs we currently know about for each repository participating IRUS-ANZ, and the total number of items with associated ORCID iDs for each repository.

Number of ORCID iDs by repository

Monash University Monash University [Monash figshare] 3 21
Monash University Monash University [Research Portal] 1 1
University of Melbourne University of Melbourne [Minerva Access] 7332 5765
University of Queensland University of Queensland [UQ eSpace] 6222 35291
University of Sydney University of Sydney [eScholarship] 5 1
Victoria University Victoria University [Research Repository] 656 3210
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