IRUS Widget

About the widget

The IRUS-UK widget enables IRUS-UK COUNTER-conformant statistics to be embedded into institutional repository pages. This user requested development offers greater flexibility to access and use IRUS-UK statistics.

By default, the widget provides summary level download statistics for a repository, for the last 12 months, broken down by item type. The statistics displayed can be altered by:

Click the 'Submit' button to see the updated display.

Embedding the widget

Copy and paste this code into your web page where you want the widget to appear:

Change the RID (IRUS-UK Repository IDentifier) to your organization's RID. If you don't know your RID, you can find it on the IRUS-UK participants page:

Styling the widget

You can, of course, style the widget to meet your own requirements. The working example, below, uses the iruswidget.css file. You can reference the stylesheet in your own web pages, inside the <link> element, which goes inside the <head> section:

Or, feel free to copy the code into your own css file(s) and modify as required.

Working Example for Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository

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