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CORE Coronavirus Spike Proteins in Viral Entry and Pathogenesis Gallagher, Thomas M.;Buchmeier, Michael J. CORE 2,761 105 222 512 789 793 340
IRUS-UK Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus: risk factors and determinants of primary, household, and nosocomial transmission Hui, DS; Azhar, EI; Kim, YJ; Memish, ZA; Oh, MD; Zumla, A Article UCL Discovery 516 104 69 104 158 46 35
CORE Nitazoxanide, a new drug candidate for the treatment of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus Rossignol, Jean-François CORE 689 14 46 35 214 266 114
IRUS-UK Evaluating risks of paramyxovirus and coronavirus emergence in China Chmura, Aleksei Avery Thesis or Dissertation Kingston University Research Repository 239 122 35 39 11 11 21
CORE Latest outbreak news from ProMED-mail Novel coronavirus – Middle East Pollack, Marjorie P.;Pringle, Craig;Madoff, Lawrence C.;Memish, Ziad A. CORE 178 8 33 57 47 27 6
IRUS-UK Human coronavirus NL63 molecular epidemiology and evolutionary patterns in rural coastal Kenya Kiyuka, PK; Agoti, CN; Munywoki, PK; Njeru, R; Bett, A; Otieno, JR; Otieno, GP; Kamau, E; Clark, TG; Van der Hoek, L; Kellam, P; Nokes, DJ; Cotten, M Article Spiral: Imperial College Digital Repository 151 5 19 15 29 69 14
IRUS-UK Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus: quantification of the extent of the epidemic, surveillance biases, and transmissibility Cauchemez, S; Fraser, C; Van Kerkhove, MD; Donnelly, CA; Riley, S; Rambaut, A; Enouf, V; van der Werf, S; Ferguson, NM Article Spiral: Imperial College Digital Repository 61 4 18 11 13 13 2
CORE Acute renal impairment in coronavirus-associated severe acute respiratory syndrome Chu, Kwok Hong;Tsang, Wai Kay;Tang, Colin S.;Lam, Man Fai;Lai, Fernand M.;To, Ka Fai;Fung, Ka Shun;Tang, Hon Lok;Yan, Wing Wa;Chan, Hilda W.H.;Lai, Thomas S.T.;Tong, Kwok Lung;Lai, Kar Neng CORE 93 4 16 24 41 7 1
IRUS-UK Detection of SARS coronavirus in plasma by real-time RT-PCR Grant, PR; Garson, JA; Tedder, RS; Chan, PKS; Tam, JS; Sung, JJY Article UCL Discovery 543 9 16 55 173 192 98
CORE Estimating and modelling the transmissibility of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus during the 2015 outbreak in the Republic of Korea. Zhang, Xu-Sheng;Pebody, Richard;Charlett, Andre;de Angelis, Daniela;Birrell, Paul Jeffrey;Kang, Hunseok;Baguelin, Marc;Choi, Yoon Hong CORE 55 21 14 5 9 3 3
CORE Severe respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus, in a patient transferred to the United Kingdom from the Middle East, September 2012 Bermingham, A. (Alison);Chand, M.A.;Brown, C.S.;Aarons, E.;Tong, C.;Langrish, C.;Hoschler, K.;Brown, K.E. (Kevin);Galiano, M. (Monica);Myers, R.H. (Richard);Pebody, R.G.;Green, H.K.;Boddington, N.L.;Gopal, R. (Robin);Price, N.;Newsholme, W.;Drosten, C. (C CORE 61 8 12 11 12 11 7
IRUS-UK Transmission of MERS-Coronavirus in Household Contacts Drosten, C; Meyer, B; Mueller, MA; Corman, VM; Al-Masri, M; Hossain, R; Madani, H; Sieberg, A; Bosch, BJ; Lattwein, E; Alhakeem, RF; Assiri, AM; Hajomar, W; Albarrak, AM; Al-Tawfiq, JA; Zumla, AI; Memish, ZA Article UCL Discovery 90 29 12 23 6 13 7
CORE Potent inhibition of SARS-associated coronavirus (SCoV) infection and replication by type I interferons (IFN-α/β) but not by type II interferon (IFN-γ) He, ML;Lin, MCM;Kung, HF;Guan, Y;Wong, KL;Poon, LLM;Peng, Y;Ching, TL;Zheng, B CORE 42 2 9 14 5 6 6
CORE Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induced by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus in the absence of p53 Li, Frank Q.;Tam, James P.;Liu, Ding Xiang CORE 31 2 8 13 7 1 0
CORE Alisporivir inhibits MERS- and SARS-coronavirus replication in cell culture, but not SARS-coronavirus infection in a mouse model de Wilde, Adriaan H.;Falzarano, Darryl;Zevenhoven-Dobbe, Jessika C.;Beugeling, Corrine;Fett, Craig;Martellaro, Cynthia;Posthuma, Clara C.;Feldmann, Heinz;Perlman, Stanley;Snijder, Eric J. CORE 37 0 8 6 16 6 1
CORE Comparative survey of canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus and canine enteric coronavirus infection in free-ranging wolves of central Italy and south-eastern France Molnar, Barbara;Duchamp, Christophe;Möstl, Karin;Diehl, Peter-Allan;Betschart, Bruno CORE 74 53 8 5 5 2 1
IRUS-UK Limitations of using feline coronavirus spike protein gene mutations to diagnose feline infectious peritonitis Barker, Emily N; Stranieri, Angelica; Helps, Christopher R; Porter, Emily L; Davidson, Andy; Day, Michael J; Knowles, Toby G; Kipar, Anja; Tasker, Severine Article Explore Bristol Research 25 6 8 3 6 2 0
IRUS-UK The continuing epidemic threat of novel coronaviruses to global health - the latest novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhang, China Hui, D S; Ei Azhar, E; Madani, T A; Ntoumi, F; Kock, R A; Dar, O; Ippolito, G; McHugh, T D; Memish, Z A; Drosten, C; Zumla, A; Petersen, E Article RVC Research Online 26 0 8 14 3 1 0
CORE Outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Saudi Arabia: a retrospective study CORE 39 16 7 10 5 1 0
CORE Replication of SARS coronavirus administered into the respiratory tract of African Green, rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys McAuliffe, Josephine;Vogel, Leatrice;Roberts, Anjeanette;Fahle, Gary;Fischer, Steven;Shieh, Wun-Ju;Butler, Emily;Zaki, Sherif;St. Claire, Marisa;Murphy, Brian;Subbarao, Kanta CORE 29 2 7 2 8 8 2